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4x5 and digital images of the Nevada and California back country photography
Fourth Ward School, Virginia City, NV
Claim Paper, Marrietta, CA
Bunk House Bed, Dry Creek Ranch, NV
Becky, Bar Keep, Austin, NV
Dooby's Tree, Gerlach, NV
Five Trucks, Luning, NV
Family Video, Alamo, NV
Tool Wall, Hamilton Saddlery, Carson City, NV
Phone Wall, Golden Club, Austin, NV
Two Houses Near Rachel, NV
Dooby's Garage, Gerlach, NV
Live Minnows, Silver Springs, NV, 3/1990
Window Wall, Baja, Mexico
231, Genoa, NV
Wayne Hage, Roger Peckanel, NV
The Shittery at Bonham, NV
Roy Ladd at Home, Marrietta, CA
Roy Ladd, Mining Truck, Marrietta, CA
Roy Ladd's Christmas Card Door, Marrietta, CA
White Tree, Baja, CA
Tracks, Hills, Near Fort Churchill, NV
Mill in Ruins, Marrietta, CA
Bed Frames in Tank, Near Saline Valley, CA, 4/1993
Saint Michael's Church, Austin, NV
Barn Interior, NV
Door, Stair, Mill Ruins, American Flats, NV
Fort Churchill Ruins, NV
Mill Ruins 1, Belmont, NV
Mill Ruins 2, Belmont, NV
Mill Ruins 3, Belmont, NV
Tanks, Mina, NV
Two Tanks, Kingston, NV
Water Tank, Cherry Creek Crossing, NV
Standing Cow Lodge, Canyon de Chelly, AZ
Mummy Cave Ruins, Canyon De Chelly, AZ
Petroglyphs, Ute Raided Panel, Canyon de Chelly, AZ
Petroglyphs at Blue Bull, Canyon de Chelly, AZ
Antelope Ruins, Canyon de Muerta
Kitchen, Communitiy Center, Unionville, NV
Pole, Downed Logs, Saline Lake, CA
Rabbit Brush, Stone House, Monitor Valley, NV
Shack on Hill, Ubehebe Lead Mine, NV
Lloyd Seaman, Pine Creek Ranch, NV
Joshua Trees, Tank, CA
Wall, Water, Tree, Canyon de Muerta, AZ