Black Tower - Master Thesis
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Black Tower - Master Thesis at Silesian Technical University Faculty Of Architecture
The work consist of two parts. First one is a theoretical description and reserch in modern, algorithmic / parametric design methods and how they can be applied into practical architectural design. The second part of thesis was a concept design of multifunctional, iconic high-rise building created with described tools.

The tower is located in centre of Katowice wich is the capitol of Upper Silesia (biggest industrial region in Poland). The site occur in neighbourhood of two very important city axis / routes, wich makes it most valuable place in whole region. Katowice are currently executing program called: "City Centre Transformation" and it assumptions was taken as a basis in creating funtional and space program for "Black Tower".
The project involves parametric and evironmental design strategies to create a new quality, efficent landmark and architectural symbol of New Katowice.
book cover
localisation - country scale | diagram
localisation - city scale | diagram
site analisys, urban concept | diagram
site & region archive photos
site plan
form shaping | diagram
parametric model | diagram
wind rose for Katowice
air flow | draft CFD simulation
building components | diagram
function | diagram
emerging form | diagram
level 45 | floorplan
level 42 | floorplan
level 27 | floorplan
level 15| floorplan
level 2 | floorplan
ground level | floorplan
west elevation
east elevation
south elevation
north elevation

wind pressure, solar access, shaping external louvres system
facade detail
book pages
physical model | photos
other photos