Black Square Exhibition Project

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  •                      Black Square Exhibition 2011 / Adobe Ilustrator, Photoshop / Graduation Exhibition
                         Below is my concept for our graduation exhibition. For the event I produced an Invite,
                         all the promotion material including, composing the graduation booklet, creating a
                         layout template for both individual booklet spreads and banners and worked along side
                         printers and other students in preperation for the exhibition. The concept of Black Square
                         is from a technique we use in design fundamentals and evolved into the revealing of the
                         students to creative industry from behind the black squares. The invite itself was printed
                         using a digital clear ink, the text is clear on black and is slightly raised, so you can only
                         read the text when you hold the invite on various angles. On the night of the exhibition
                         I won the Esprit de Corps Award for exemplary community service and peer leadership.
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