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A piece for a group show at Black Penny in Sydney, Australia.
Coming up this Tuesday night for Sydney Craft Beer Week I'm in a super group show at Black Penny in Surry Hills. The guys have gone all out on this, where a range of artists were given the brief of 'Black Magic' to create artwork that will be rolled out on a specially brewed beer as well as shown at the opening exhibition.
As soon as I got the brief I knew I'd be using lyrics from an old song about The Man With The Hex - no idea who it's by, but it's been in my head for at least 10 years. So I built on some great simple lyrics, through an initial old style comic book cover into a way more refined and patterned focused final work. 

When I say super artists I mean crazy (honestly I could not single anyone out on that list as a stand-out), so if you're around Sydney town tomorrow night come and check it all out!