Black Mountain College Infographics

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  • Black Mountain College Infographics
    This is a little booklet I made about Black Mountain College, North Carolina. It was created, among others, by John Andrew Rice and Theodore Dreier, in 1933. They were professors at Rollins College, but wanted to teach in a new -for their time- way.
    So they brought many artists and professionals (many of them were escaping from Europe, as the Nazi regime also closed the Bauhaus the same year), and started this school, which involved students in a new way.
  • The printed booklet.
    The cover shows a landscape of Lake Eden and Black Mountain College illustration I made.
  • A closeup of the cover.
  • First of all I wanted to let people know where Black Mountain College was, so I decided to put emphasis on its location. Starting from a broader maps of the United States I decided to zoom in until the place was visible on the right.
  • Two closeups of the page, to show some details of the maps.
  • Here I made a brief introduction on the historical period when Black Mountain College was created.
    I also mapped the other schools that adopted an innovative way of teaching, as Black Mountain College did.
  • The organization of the school was peculiar, more similar to a big family, so i wanted to explain it with a diagram.
    Since every aspect of the life at Black Mountain College was coordinated by students and professors -even the building of their houses- it was interesting to show exactly of the organization worked.
  • The teachers of Black Mountain College were mostly from the United States, but some of them escaped from Europe because of the Nazi regime. Darker hue indicates a higher number of teachers from that state.
  • A timeline showing the subjects taught at Black Mountain College, with the names of the teachers.
    The period of time covered is from 1933 to 1959, when Black Mountain College closed.
    For longer periods of time the hue is lighter.
  • A little closeup of the timeline.
  • A little biography of Theodore "Ted" Dreier, one of the founders of Black Mountain College.
    He was not only one of the founders, taught at Black Mountain College since it closed in 1959 and was one of the most loved figures there, without his personality Black Mountain College probably wouldn't have been the same.
    The timeline shows his formation and work experience.
  • A little biography of John Andrew Rice, one of the founders of Black Mountain College.
    He was the first rector, and the first who tought of introducing new ways of teaching at the school. He was a professor at Rollins College, with Dreier, but left to start working on Black Mountain College
    The timeline shows his formation and work experience.

  • Two closeups of the portraits I made for the biographies.
    Thanks for watching!