Black Cat Big City

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  • Black Cat Big City

    Written By, Rissa Sison
    Illustrated By, Andrew Buick
  • Black Cat Big City is a children's picture book with a tongue twisting narrative with words that begin with the letter B.  The tale is about the friendship between a cat, Bill Billy Boe and a beaver, Benny Blue Beaver.  Benny Blue Beaver loses one of his brown eyes while Bill Billy Boe is busy eating his favorite foods in the big city. Later, we come to learn that Bill Billy Boe has eaten Benny Blue Beaver's other brown eye.  In the end Benny Blue Beaver gets his eye back and Bill Billy Boe learns his lesson.

    The following is 7 out of 14 illustrations for the childrens book,
    Black Cat Big City.  The full manuscript is available upon request.