• Birdsong
    First year publication project for Sebastian Faulks' "Birdsong"
  • Here is my final book cover design for Sebastian Faulks' "Birdsong"

    Birdsong is a drama set during the first world war. The book derives most of its power from its descriptions of mud and blood, and the main character's attempt to retain a scrap of humanity while surrounded by it.

    The imagery within this cover aims to depict the chaos of the trenches and war in general by having a busy collection of relevant textural components. The textures included represent items which could be found within the trenches, such as: burlap sandbags, soil, leather and khaki materials. The muddy and chaotic nature of this book represents not only the conditions experienced but also the mental struggle faced by the main character during his journey through the book.

    During the book the story moves on from Flanders in 1916 to the Somme area and in a single arc of narrative the novel gives the whole of the first day of the Battle of the Somme from the main Character's point of view. From the wait at dawn to the fall of dusk when he lies wounded in a shell hole, among 60,000 British casualties. During my initial research I saw the zero hour positions at the start of the Somme slightly resembled the profile of a human face. I decided to include a variation of this within my design to not only further depict the feel of war but to also hint towards the main character the book revolves around and I felt the two worked well to help create the correct feel.