• Mr. Quail

    Original Drawing on an antique letter.

    The drawing represents a soul once lived.

  • The Wolf Came Begging

    Original drawing on waxed velum indenture.

    The wolves begging at the door for the debts owed.

  • Wilton Will I and II

    Original drawing on pages on a Victorian will and testament.

    Many cultures believe that your soul turns in to a bird once it departs the body.
    The cheeky Jackdaws represent the soul of a man passed leaving the will of his collected treasures.
    One bird collects its wares like a miser, wile the other stands proud.

  • Mouse

    Original drawing on an Antique book cover.

    A sweet little mouse, with a piercing eye; Is caught nibbling away at the pages of a book.

  • Half-word

    Hand finished print on antique letters.

    Re-issued form the Y's project, Limited edition print of 15.