Birdhouse Design for Chickadee

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  • A birdhouse designed for Chickadee that utilize anti-predator methods harmlessly
  • This is a 3rd year project that aims at building an easily crafted birdhouse taking into consideration of multiple users which includes non-human users such as the Chickadee and its predators. My goal was to design a anti-predator birdhouse that doesn't use harmful methods to fend off the predators, providing a safe environment for all wildlife. 
  • Design Rationale
    The concept behind this birdhouse is to maintain the balance of nature even when human inteference was involved. A lot of predator defend systems out there utilizes electricution, specific frequency sound waves, and/or chemicals that might not necessarily kill the predators but could definetly be branded as inhumane or a form of torture. Phantom uses balanced ball bearing wheels so that any invading predators would simply fall off the structure.