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personal project for bioshock community
Bioshock Project

About 6 months ago I recreated oneof the in-game paintings for Bioshock 2, which made me really want to do some of thein-game posters from the first game. 6 months later I’ve finally finished 43 ofthem. 

This was a completely personalproject that let me practice different styles, techniques, and designs. Soplease no comments on how I “stole these from Bioshock”, how they aren’t mywork, or any other negative comments. I recreated all of these in poster sizedprint quality formats for the bioshock community and myself. However, I don’tthink I can sell the prints because of Bioshock/2kgames’ copyright over thefranchise. And all of the fonts I used were completely free but some also donot allow commercial use. So, sorry, but I don’t want to be sued :)
If you have any questions feel freeto send me a message. And depending on the response I get from these, I may dosome more posters from Bioshock 2.
Thanks for the support.
- Stefan Petit

requested digital repainting of a mural found in-game of Bioshock 2
24x36 done in PS CS4
conceptual rights to artists of Bioshock 
background texture belongs to matthewvogel1234