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Remastering of Bioshock's in-game artwork
Bioshock 2 project 
About 6 months ago I finished my Bioshock 1 project, remastering the in-game posters into print quality; and now, just in time for the holidays, I’ve finally finished remastering the posters from Bioshock 2. Here’s my DA gallery of the project

This was a completely personal project that let me practice different styles, techniques, and designs. So please no comments on how I “stole them from Bioshock”, how they aren’t my work, or any other negative comments. I recreated all of these in poster sized print quality formats for the bioshock community and myself. Many people had a issue understanding this concept from the first time i did this. I am NOT passing these off as my own and i am not taking conceptual ownership. If you still think I have done something wrong then you can still appreciate the time and effort I put into making these. These are solely just for the community and personal pleasure.

And I know many of you will want the high rez files, but ever since the first project, I've been trying yo get in contact with 2k/Irrational games to maybe do something with them. Obviously I cant sell them, and youre saying "give them for free", and I would love to, but again I dont know if that crosses any copyright laws. especially with the font; so many fonts were used, that some were not free and are solely restricted to personal use, so them being used in a mass produced image maybe cross that red tape, so right now you cant download the poster size files, but hopefully I can get to the bottom of this soon. Im sorry, I am just paranoid and want to avoid being sued in any way possible. If anyone knows details about these issues feel free to let me know, or if you know anyone at 2k, dont hesitate to send them a link and spread these out on the interwebs!

All were done in Photoshop CS5 and Illustrator CS5. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message and favorite some of them.

Thanks for the support.

- Stefan Petit