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  • Tomek Jankowski
    Photographer, designer, freelancer. My artistic journey started about 10 years ago with graphic design followed by reportage and street photo sessions. Currently, I'm working on portraiture, fashion-related and commercial photography. Collaborating with models, stylists, fashion designers and model agencies. I also create personal fine art photography projects and design for companies and individuals, worldwide.
    Experience and technologies:
    01. Fashion, advertising and portraiture photography.
    02. Corporate Identity design for companies and individuals.
    03. Design for print: booklets, catalogues, magazine ads, posters.
    04. Website design, video editing and post-production.
    05. Hardware platforms: Mac OS / Windows.
    06. Software packages: Adobe CS, Corel, Microsoft Office.
    07. Programming: HTML / XML, CSS, Javascript, Actionscript.
    Activities, recognition and awards:
    01. Prix de la Photographie Paris - Second Prize PX3 2012.
    02. Prix de la Photographie Paris - Honorable Mention PX3 2012.
    03. Publication of highly acclaimed B ALBUM Project - imaginary photographic journey through one year of life of emerging supermodel - Basia Szkaluba (IMG Models, New York) - 2012.
    04. Sony World Photography Awards 2011 and 2010 - Honorable Mention Fashion.
    05. Two coves for british Black & White Photography Magazine (April, May, 2010).
    06. Viva Photo Awards 2009 - Honorable Mention Fashion and Portraiture.
    07. Poster design for 34th and 35th Jazz Pianists Festival, 2007 and 2008, Kalisz, Poland.
    08. National Geographic Photographic Competition 2005 - Honorable Mention.
    09. Flashforward 2003 Animation Festival, San Francisco: Best Sound Award Nomination.
    10. Website design publication in TASHEN album edition - "Favorite Websites", 2003.
    11. Co-author of "Foundation Web Design" book - website creation technologies, 2003.
    12. Flashforward 2000 Animation Festival, London: Best Sound Award.
    13. Co-author of "New Masters of Flash 2000" web design book.
    14. Flashforward 2000 Animation Festival, San Francisco: Best Design Award nomination.