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Our Entry for the Bilbao - Bizkaia Branding Competition, 2012
Bilbao - Bizkaia Branding Competition 2012
This is our proposal for the Bilbao-Bizkaia Branding competition that took place in July 2012.
A few words about the process...
To create a brand for Bilbao and Bizkaia that:
• will be strong enough to stand out in the international arena
• will be memorable and unique
• will lead to the increase of tourism, business and investments
• will attract the desirable kind of professionals that Bilbao and Bizkaia could absorb in order to progress in the  
  fields of great economic development
  [art, design, architecture, technology, innovation, research, production industry]
Since Bilbao and Bizkaia share the same first letter we decided to build our logo on it so that it can work as well for the Bilbao-Bizkaia joint brand but for the Bilbao or Bizkaia separate brand too. `B` is a letter that gives you the opportunity to visualize it with a variety of shapes so we chose to create a very strong characteristic `B`, using a triangle and 2 circles (partially). It` s minimal and clean-cut design makes it durable in time and very modern at the same time. Regarding the lettering used to accompany the logo, it combines the past and the future. Just like Bilbao and Bizkaia. It` s a typeface that was used at the early times of computers but it was redesigned so that it can stand as a minimal, futuristic typeface.
Corporate identity and implementation of the brand
A part of our logo  - the triangle - is used on all our corporate material as well as on all the applications that need to be made, so as to achieve a strong connection with the brand, strong characterization and memorability.
Taking under consideration all the aspects of Bilbao and Bizkaia` s current and wanna-be position in the international arena, we ended up with a slogan that can express the potential that Bilbao and Bizkaia has to offer. The Basque country is one step ahead in art, architecture, technology, science, development and we want to make that clear through a simple, really strong and memorable phrase. LIVING THE FUTURE.
The slogan could be easily translated to any other language without losing it`s strength and impact.
We created illustrations using the combination of custom-made vector graphics and photography so as to achieve uniqueness and create a futuristic image for Bilbao and Bizkaia without losing it`s emotion. Every illustration represents two of the aspects that Bilbao and Bizkaia has proved to be worthy of mention for. Art & Sports, Tradition & Gastronomy, Business & Science, Nature & Development. And every time the elements used to combine the illustration spring from our logo, from the letter `B` in order to show that everything each illustration respresents originates from Bilbao and Bizkaia. Each illustration is accompanied with a brief mention of Bilbao` s top tourist sites or major achievements [depending on what we want to promote each time] in order to stimulate the reader to search it on the internet [or Bilbao and Bizkaia` s official website] and learn more about it.
Art Direction - Graphic Design: Georgia Chatzi, Sofia Papadopoulou
Marketing Plan: Michail Dimitriou
Just for the record, we didn' t win the competition but we really enjoyed making this project!
Hope you enjoyed it too! Thanx!