Bihari-Gothic Chess Titans

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  • These are some frames from a storyboarding exercise, done in my 5th Semester here at NID.
    The assignment involved taking any piece of music, and storyboarding an alternative visualiztion for it. This treatment has been made for 'Keh Ke Lunga', a Dubstep-Bollywood curry-mix track (composer: Sneha Khanwalkar, for 'Gangs of Wasseypur'), and attempts to juxtapose a Goth treatment on the very Bihari-sounding track.
    The story follows a chess match as it draws to its close, only the pieces are actual people, representing black and white empires and armies. The Black King is surrounded, the White Bishop and Castle placing him in a sticky check. He prepares to die, until an ignored Pawn (personally, my most frequent mistake in chess games) executes (or 'captures', in purist chess terms) the White Bishop and blows up the White Castle, and turns the game around completely, and resurrects the Black Queen by reaching the other end of the board. The story proceeds to the water-tight campaign against the White King.
    For the timed-to-music animatic/storyboard, watch the video below!