BigFoot Entertainment Intro
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BigFoot Entertainment Cinematic Intro

Following our work on DeepGold, BigFoot Entertainment requested us to invent the company's cinematic intro. Starting as joke, we came up with the concept of a Roaring Yeti: the BigFoot's interpretation for MGM's lion. Surprisingly, after a really short pitch the clients loved it!

Step-by-step we started bringing this Yeti alive, designing the character, finalizing the story and later on - rendering into compositing. Lots of ides fell along the way, but eventually we locked it down with the clean & straight forward approach.
Client - BigFoot Corporation (2011)
Direction & Concept -  Yaron Yashinski
Animation - Millonder
Modeling & Rig - Ofer Shafir
Fur & Rendering - Vuk!
Sound - YoRabi
This video was created by YASHINSKI Studio.

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