• Bienvenue à Strasbourg

    Alsatian, french, bulgarian. None of these languages is my native language. When I first came to Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, I didn't speak french nor alsatian. The cross-stitch point embroidery was something that I found all over town, in little souvenir shops, in retaurants, in people's kitchens... Anyway, it was a language that told me a lot about Strasbourg, its traditions and people.

    Finally, Bienvenus a Strasbourg is a roman and cyrillic dingbat based on traditional alsatian embroidery. It's my interpretation of Alsace, my way to talk about it. This sentence, that means "Welcome to Strasbourg", is displayed on the wall, printed in red vinyl sticker, that is the color of Alsace.

    This exhibition was conceived by three graphic design schools, the ESAD Strasbourg, ESAG-Penninghen and National Academy of Fine Arts, in Sofia, Bulgaria, to celebrate the entrance of Bulgaria and the cyrillic alphabet in the European Union. The work of thirty young designers from these three institutions was selected to be displyed on the exhibition Version Originale: Paris/Sofia/Strasourg that is going to the Sofia Fine Arts Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria, from june 1st until june 20th 2008, then to the Galerie Anatome in Paris, France, from september 19th until october 31st, and finally, in November to La Chaufferie, the ESAD galerie, in Strasbourg.

    _ 2008 _ Strasbourg, France
    _ exhibition

  • Exhibition at La Chaufferie - Strasbourg/France
  • Exhibition at La Chaufferie - Strasbourg/France