Bicycle Shed

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  • Bicycle Shed
  • The project tries to find a new way to park bicycles neatly and efficiently in a 3M*3M*3M cubical space within the budget of 10000 RMB.

    The idea comes from  tightwire bridge. The arched steel girder, quadrate pedestal, and steel tightwires make of the structure of the shed. Wooden strips on the pedestal compart bicycles which lean against the steel tightwire. The structure is covered by paulin which protects bicycles from rain and wind. The leaning bicycles can save much more space than erect ones and when they are parked together they can make an interesting expression. The steel tightwire serves both as structure and as assisdant parking facil

    The success of this design is that it combines the structure and the form perfectly.  Materials are used efficiently according to their attributi