Boeing Database Visualization

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  • Boeing Database Visualization
    I did an internship in Boeing's Brand Innovation and Experiential Marketing Department (BiXM), which is basically an in-house design agency for Boeing. We would get jobs from other departments and make anything from sales collateral to full websites for the requester. All of the data from job requests was stored in an opaque database. We had no way of seeing what was in the database. My manager wanted a macro sense of what was hidden in the database, and tasked me with making it possible for him to quickly get a sense of what was going on in his department.
    I made an intranet web application for my manager to use. This application was Flash-based. I figured Flash was the best way to deal with the issue because Actionscript plays nicely with SQL.  Since my manager was going to be the only person using the site, and he was only going to access it on his work computer, it wasn't important whether or not it worked on tablets and phones, so I saw no reason not to use Flash.
    After talking to my manager about his goals, I decided the best information we could pull was what departments were requesting the most jobs, how many jobs we were tackling a year, and how many jobs each designer had on his or her plate. I hand-coded the site so that my manager would have up-to-date information on the database any time he went to the site.
    Unfortunately, since the page is on Boeing's intranet and contains confidential information, I can't show much. I was only able to get these two screenshots approved. I am happy to discuss this project in more depth in person.
    Home Page
  • The homepage had a nice looping animation on it, but Behance doesn't support the file format. Check out the GIF on my dribbble account if you want to see it.
  • Total Jobs Completed by Designer
  • I know this graph makes me look lazy, but keep in mind I was only there for three months and the other designers had been there for years!