• BiC One Motion is a new and innovative razor which favors fast and clean shaving thanks to its specially designed blade.
    Everyone who uses razors for their shaving has to deal with the same problem; hairs getting stuck between the blades make the process of fast and easy shaving almost impossible and force you to many repetitions. After many tests with ordinary (both one & multiple use) razors I found that the problem is caused from the combination of shaving foam & water which causes the hair to stuck on the blade, making it less sharp.
    While in regular razor blades hairs get stuck because of the large surface of the blade, BiC One Motion eliminates this problem. The basic idea behind One Motion is that by reducing the surface of the
    blade, hairs will now have no space to get stuck on, so they will fall behind the blade.
    My main goal is, if not to fix the problem completely, to minimize it so that we can achieve a fast and easy shaving with as few movements as possible. Hence the name One-Motion.
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