Beyond the Reeds - Camping refurbishment, Bardolino (I)

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  • Camping rehabilitation, Bardolino (VR), Italy, 2008 [Slideshow]
  • The path connecting the playgrounds, the swimming pools, the multifunctional room an the lake.
    Views on the lake (red cones) and eye-control of the swimming pools (blue cone).
  • Two perpendicular paths cross the camping space.
    The first lays parallel to the coast and builds the central axe of the camp, which serves the restored plots. The second runs perpendicular to the coast and connects the campground to the new service building 
    passing over the existing pedestrian and bike path.
    This scheme offers the possibility of a panoramic view over the reeds and avoids floods.

    Around this path are located the new functions required by the brief: swimming pool, multipurpose, multi-purpose room, and a variety of open spaces like solarium, ombrarium, games for children. D
    isabled people can freely use the camp and get safely in the water through a floating pontoon bridge, around which are grouped special plots and the new toilets.
    The overpass is the main access to the new service area. It builds the roof of the multipurpose room and at the same time a panoramic place that allows for an unprecedented view of the lake, above the reeds and the treesIn this way a single artifact fulfill several functions, dramatically reducing costs.
  • Red: connection path, linking from left to right: swimming pool floating on the lake, pier through the reeds, multi-purpose room with belvedere roof, overpass, playgrounds, swimming pools.
    Blue: existing bike and pedestrian pathway. Cyan: existing caping site. Green: Reeds on the shore (left) and fythodepuration (right).
  • Overall view of the facilities connected by the wooden pathway.