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Competition stereo images (anaglyph), named The Beyond Awards. In 2009 year competition was held under
the slogan Follow The White Rabbit. I was one of the organizers of the competition. In addition, another two organizators: 2many and Pixel Plant.
For Awards was invented the naming. A custom font that was used in the title and headings. Font was made
in Cyrillic and Latin variations. Was developed of the full identification. I made a site with voting for the best work
by the opinion of site visitors. Also jury selected the best of the best works. It's been at the Mio Cafe. The jury was composed of the best designers in Moscow, Russia.
Continuation of the competition should be in near future. Expect to continue in the 2010�"2011 year. I'm glad
to see you on my Awards.


Most images in this presentation should look
with the stereo glasses (anaglyph glasses) look below:
Special typeface Beyond Type Face:

Main typeface LugaC Regular:
Main typeface LugaC Bold:

Additional typeface TornadoC Regular:
Additional typeface TornadoC Bold:
TShirt Beyond Awards:
Beyond Awards 2009 slogan and visual identitification:
Stickers and blanks:
Presswall organizators:
Web-page Beyond Awards 2009 (
^^^ Excuse me of cutting the image, but it was necessary for technical reasons.
Increase web-page Beyond Awards 2009 stereo version:
Photos from Beyond Awards 2009 in stereo version: