Bestival Poster Competition - The XX

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  • Bestival Poster competition 2012 - The XX
    Competition work just after completing my 3rd Year of University
  • This is my entry to the Bestival Poster competition 2012. The idea was to create an A2 poster to advertise one of the headlining bands at the festival; I chose 'The XX'. The winning posters are to be screenprinted using a maximum of 3 colours so that added an extra challenge.

    Whenever I listen to ‘The XX’ their music always makes me feel calm, and this calmness conjures up images of water in my mind. I took this idea and thought and decided to illustrate a giant X (the one they use for their logo) emerging out of the sea ready to descend onto the island and to play their unique brand of calming music over the masses. I enjoyed the challenge of creating this using just the 3 colours (plus the white of the paper) for screen print.

    I think that this is right for the competition; because of the bright colours and unique style it will attract attention and advertise the band and the festival well.