Bespoke Studio Stool
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Studio stool redesign to custom-fit specific user
Bespoke Studio Stool
A personalized seating device for Derek Yeung
Design Objectives:    
    - Design and build a chair to specifically form to another person's body, needs, and wants
    - Improve upon existing studio stool that is uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time
User Preferences:
    - Retain current stool and footrest height
    - Comfortable to sit on for long periods of time
    - Back support
Original studio stool is plain metal with no cushioning.
Derek would sit in this stool for hours while working on studio projects. He wanted a stool that was cushioned and also supported his back when he needed a break from sketching.
The Backrest:
To build the complex curvature of the backrest, potential options were steam-bending the wood or carving the form from a large piece of wood. Steam bending was not possible with the available tools, and carving a piece of wood would require an incredibly large block of wood. To solve this problem, I used 1/8" sheets of bendy plywood and laminated them together, using an existing chair as a mold. After eight layers, significant amounts of wood glue, and many days of drying time, the form was incredibly sturdy and ready to be veneered.
The backrest was finished with Cherry wood veneer to incorporate Derek's preferences while minimizing cost and materials. 
The Seat:
The shape of the seat was designed to specifically fit the way Derek sits in a studio stool: leaning forward with legs slightly apart and feet on the footrest. 
The Legs:

Five chair legs added for extra support and radial symmetry. Plywood later stained to mimic the look of Cherry wood.
Lazy Susan Turntable:
The backrest allowed Derek to lean backwards and relax, but it did not enable him to turn sideways in his chair to collaborate with classmates as he could in the original stool. Because the backrest restricted his range of motion, I added a Lazy Susan beneath the seat so Derek could not only turn sideways but also backwards quickly and easily.
Materials Used:
    - 2ft x 4ft ¾” white oak plywood   
    - 1/8" bendy ply
    - 24”x 96”  cherry wood veneer 
    - 2 rolls white oak wood tape
    - Cherry wood stain
    - 24" x 30" upholstery fabric 
    - 18" x 15" x 3" upholstery cushioning 
    - 4" galvanized steel square turntable 
    - Hybond 80+ (for veneer)
    - Screws
    - Wood glue
    - 18" x 15" masonite
Finished Chair:
Base of chair
Seat detail
All screws embedded and covered in veneer
Final chair in use: 
- Great to sit on for sketching and using the computer
- Comfortable seat and footrest support the body
- Excellent back support allows user to lean back and stretch
This chair was used as one of the main marketing images for PlyDesign: 73 Distinctive DIY Projects in Plywood (and Other Sheet Goods) by Philip Schmidt after it was published in the book in 2012.