“Beryozka” Gas station

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  • Beryozka

    Russian gas station
  • Plenum Brand Consultancy has demonstrated that a brand that goes to the essence of the Russian character may be, all at once, contemporary, laconic and daring. Service with a Russian character means hospitable service.

    This unique graphic solution for the conservative and faceless Russian petrol station market is based on the name “Beryozka”, which is very familiar to every Russian. “Beryozka” is the diminutive word of beryoza (“birch tree” in Russian). Ecological andplant motifs thus become the basis of a company image based on technology and friendliness.

    Project was selected for a Red Dot Design Award, communication design 2011.

  • Project by Plenum

    Brand consultant Tanya Haritonova
    Brand analyst Katerina Palshina
    Art director Egor Myznik
    Senior designer Elena Bean
    Designer Olya Balina
    Copywriter Nadya Yurinova
    3-d modeling Alexey Cherkasov
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