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    Takeaway packaging
  • Berns Asiatiska offers its customers an extraordinary dining experience with their gastronomic concept with influences from Asian cuisines. Planeta Design was given the task to create a packaging and emballage concept that conveys the excellent Asian food, the exquisite service and the unique setting that the restaurant offers.
    Planeta Design was enthusiastic to take on the challenge to create awareness about Berns Asiatiska by creating a range of irresistible packaging that are both practical and giftable.

    For this concept Planeta Design created a modern symbol with influences from Asian phenomenon. The goal was that the symbol together with the packaging should intimate Asian associations and at the same time let the beholder of it to decide its meaning. Where one sees a clam another one sees a tiger.

    The goal to create a luxurious, stylish and practical packaging concept has been meet and we at Planeta Design are very proud over the end product.