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A summary of my self-promotion 'Online Billboard' concept and artwork.
Ben the Illustrator's Seasonal Billboard
Wrapping up and moving on.
Two years ago I had an idea, quite a good idea, an idea which just proved that as creatives our heads can be as highly valued as our hands.  Being a full-time illustrator means that alongside your actual client-work, you also have to be your own marketing department, self-promotion is key.  For some years I'd been using a lot of the traditional routes to promote myself, printed mail-outs, getting into creative directories, etc etc, which although sometimes effective, they do cost and take time, so can't necessarily be a regular option.  So I took some time to conceive a new way of promoting myself, something inexpensive, something updateable, something online, but something big, like a billboard, a billboard, online, an online billboard!  And so after a few conversations with my very clever digital friend Matt Booth, my all-new self-promotional 'Seasonal Billboard' was born.  It was based on the standard rotating billboards you get worldwide, and it was planned that every season we would update the billboard with a new selection of work, specific to that season.  
For the passed two years I have used the billboard to promote myself, each season I could tweet about it, email previous and potential clients directing them to it, and occasionally be lucky enough to have it featured in magazines and on blogs.  One thing I hadn't really predicted was that it didn't actually just show my illustration work, but it also showed that I have ideas, that I can conceive little creative things outside of the world of pictures.  The ability to unknowingly sell myself as an ideas person lead to numerous projects where my illustration skills came second to my ideas.  We're all creatives, so aside from our technical talents, we should all consider our creative minds as an asset too, double the opportunities.
Two years on, I feel that now is a good time to retire the billboard and move-on, I love it, but I don't want to become bored of it.  So it is now available to view with a selection of my work, and so it shall remain rotating away, while I move on to some new ideas and seek some new creative avenues in the world of self-promotion.
Check out the final billboard on