Being picky about people - Screen Printed Zine

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  • Being Picky about People
    Screen Printed Zine for the USURP Zine Fair, London
  • ‘Punk Looks. Track pants. White sneakers.  Black Stockings and platform heels. Cath Kidston bags. Garish Prints. Prams with babies. Preppie Looks. Head’phoned heads. Blank ‘underground’ looks. Bent heads and Videogames’
    I have loved categorizing the people in London and what they do. This is a folded screen-printed zine + poster about them, which was created for the USURP Zine Fair in London. It is a short documentation of how I remember some of the people I have seen across the city of London.
  • The screen printed folded zine - A poster printed inside - and some merchandise.
  • Customized tote bags!
  • The USURP Zine fair with artists and artworks from different parts of London