Being Together by John Clang

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    Documenting New York based Singaporean photographer, John Clang's solo exhibition, Being Together, this catalogue also serves as an extension of the exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore. This book presents 5 family-themed series comprising a total of 93 works that were created between 2001 and 2012. This book also includes essays by Szan Tan, Patricia Levasseur de la Motte and Gwen Lee.  

    In this globalised, fluid world where migration is prevalent, family units are often broken up and displaced. Being Together is an exhibition that speaks of the triumph of the family unit thanks to the usage of technology.

    To celebrate the indomitable spirit of human relations, this publication is made up of papers of varying textures, sizes and colours that manage to complement each other as well – reflecting the harmony and intimacy that can still exist even if a family faces disparity. The loose leafs of varying irregular papers and photographs of different families all bound together in one book serves as a reminder of the ties that bind in this isolating urban society.

    John Clang is a visual artist working in photography. His photographs examine and question the world he lives in, providing an intimate mental reflection of one man’s mind, rather than being just a pictorial documentation. In 2010, he became the first photographer to receive the Designer of the Year award at the President’s Design Award. Clang has participated in many solo and group exhibitions around the world. His works have been collected by the Singapore Art Museum and private collectors.