Behind the lens.

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  •   I am a student at the University of Applied Science in Stuttgart. This semester    I took a class in photography and here I want to present you what came out of it.    To be honest it's my first bigger photography project, I captures pictures before but    they weren't connected.
      In class I could choose between urban landscape, time and motion and portraiture.    As you can see I chose portraiture.    To get these photos I walked through the city and watched out for people with    cameras. You wouldn't believe me but it took a long time to find these people    When I finally found someone I asked him if I can shoot him while he is taking    pictures. After that I asked the person what photography means to them.    I have to say at the beginning it was really hard for me to get contact to completely    strange people. It took a lot of overcoming to talk to the first person. But after that,    as I noticed that it isn't that difficult it was quite easy for me.    Finally I got my pictures and a new experience with people as well.
      I hope you enjoy it.
  • ”I love it to explore new cities and take pictures for my memory.“
  • ”It’s just fun ... I like it to take pictures of people.
    Architecture is my favorite though!“
  • ”I like to capture moments thatI see during excursions, especially while traveling.“
  • ”I got this camera for christmas,now I can capture whatever I want :).“
  • “Photography means to me beautifulmemories and great impressions.“
  • ”A great memory for Brasil!“
  • ”After nearly 50 years of using analogphotography I‘m still impressed about thefascinating results.“
  • ”Capture the seasons, moments in leaves, just awesome!”
  •   A special thanks goes to all models who gave me the opportunity to create
      this collection of photographers.