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    My work is mainly about curiosity, something that nurtures me an apeal to creat storys behind what I can only imagine. Well, this project is about that too but more. These days, throughout the world, but I can only speak about my country, Portugal, there's much more behind these windows. Each and every single one of them is a story, a world, a place rich in memories and other things we can only imagine, but, in these days of this so called crisis, every home represents the state of our society. Politicians cannot see behind these curtains, but we, the people, we know for sure whats going on. Maybe behind some of these someone is starving because they have to cut expenses somewhere, maybe someone is sick and can't buy medicine, maybe someone is so depressed because of the presure of everyday bills. Who knows? Well, it's not hard to imagine or suppose, but our blind politicians seem can't imagine this. Maybe they're too short of imagination, maybe they simply don't care about it. Behind every curtain is a world falling apart under pressure. This is about people trying to live today. This series is still an ongoing project.