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Amsterdam's New Court of Appean
B  e  f  o  r  e      t  h  e      L  a  w :

Amsterdam's    New    Court    of    Appeal

[Amsterdam] 2005
G r  a  d  u  a  t  i  o  n   P r o j e c t   @ T U D   [ D e l f t ]
A m s t e r d a m' s    N e w    C o u r t    o f    A pp e a l.     An exercise in phenomenal transparency.

[Amsterdam]                                                    2005

Graduation Project                  @ TUD  [Delft]; [w] -


How do you genuinely invoke transparency in a court of law withoutresorting to vast glazed surfaces that only divide areas accessible to thegeneral public and thus already (theoretically) open to all?To paraphrase Colin Rowe, how do you avoid literaltransparency so as to achieve a more layered significance and understanding ofthe workings of the courthouse?

Dutch courthouses today amass nondescript office space separate fromthe courtroom block. The burden of representation always falls upon the latteras a stage for a strange sort of play while the play is written, researched andcoordinated beyond its walls in the generic office blocks no one- besides thejudiciary -has access to.
Yetbeyond this formal separation the court still functions as a logical singleentity. The restrictions that govern it, the very real limits to accessibilityand openness these presuppose, all were rendered visible to thegeneral/visiting public in this project without compromising the prescribedconnections and boundaries within a Dutch court of law.