B E E R E N B E R G
    Interactive branding site for Beerenberg of Norway.
  • Production: Good Morning. Oslo, Norway
    Work: Art Director + Senior designer
    Client: Beerenberg/Active Brands
    Information: Branding Site for the Norwegian clothing label Beerenberg. Focusing on skiing and winter clothes for young and active people. I chose to create a interactive experience using a lot of environment videos of snow blowing in the wind, clouds passing the beautiful winter horizon with the models "in action" close to the camera. I also supervised as Director of Photography on location with client.
    My Role: Lead Art Director, I designed all site designs, photo re-touch, online showcase structure and lead Director of Photography on location with client and photo team.

    Awards & Publications:
    Featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine January 2011 issue.
    Featured in Web Designer Magazine October 2010 Issue.