BeeHive Concept

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  • Here is the project cooperating with Volvotrucks.

    BeeHive Concept offers a city logistic system with intelligent rental trucks.
    This is a mega city in 2030, By then, city transportion system devides in 3  layers: 
    Overground highway for high speed cars. 
    Ground for pedestrian and low speed vehicles.
    Underground for subway. 

    The Hive center is a base for parking and dispatching Bee trucks. There are many hive centers lines along the highway like chain store, saved parking space in the city. 

    It is automated driving rental truck hired by customers through internet. Bee truck has two runing modes:  
    High-speed mode: It moves fast below the highway with electric magnetic power. 
    Low-speed mode:   the bee truck can land on the ground to deliver cargo to the person. Bees can only run in low speeds on ground for the safety of the pedestrian. When mission is accomplished, the Bee truck will search for the nearest hive center to rest while waiting for next job.