BeeGift - Web / Print / iOS / Android

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  • BeeGift is a social service for sending and receiving gifts available for Facebook users and also represented as mobile app. It helps friends all over the world to stay in touch and congratulate each other in a fun and easy way.
    This is a free and user-friendly platform. The target group of the service is young and numerous. BeeGift is a new and effective target advertising channel for small and medium business with fixed cost user acquisition model.
    The company is founded in Israel in 2012 by the young international team.
    We’ve asked to create mass-market project which will be interesting for people all the time, so everyone wants to review project and service, check news and leave comments, likes, etc. 
    Everything should be very simple and clear, very usable, very pleasant. 
    Client’s global business idea is to grow up Israeli BeeGift and start extending the service worldwide.
  • Landing page with interactive presentation using css/html/js.
  • Mobile application icons.
  • Web application icons.
  • Web application interface elements.
  • Mobile application design.
  • Mobile application presentation.
  • Mobile application interface elements.
  • Presentation movie design.
  • Business cards to start ;)