• Become a Leader Subordinate Are Willing to Follow|成為讓部屬願意追隨的上司:51個帶人先帶心的領導力
    Written by Matsuo Iwata (岩田松雄) who served as President and CEO of the Body Shop master franchisee and Starbucks Coffee in Japan, the Become a Leader Subordinate Are Willing to Follow (Japanese title: 「ついていきたい」と思われるリーダーになる51の考え方 ) reveals 51 ways to become a leader that subordinates are “willing to follow” in everyday leadership. Compared with other leadership book covers which often use fancy graphics in Taiwan's book market, the cover presents an alternative design delivering simplistic, lucid yet strong visual impression by using only characters and black-and-yellow color scheme, and also symbolizes energetic, resolute and positive qualities a great leader needs.

    Client ━ Delight Press
    Language ━ Traditional Chinese
    Format ━ W21 X H14.8 cm
    D&AD ━ Albert Cheng-Syun Tang
    Year ━ 2013

    ACST Design
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