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Beauty Retouching Kit http://www.Ps-Actions.Net

Easy, Fast and High Quality
-Mattifier Powder
-Freckle and Stain Reducer
-Skin Softener
-Teeth Whitener
-Brighten Eyes
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Beauty Retouching Kit (English) v2.0 Available!
Highly expected new free uptade is now available! With this version, you are going to have 9 new features below;
-Skin Brighter 
-Ultra Smooth Skin 
-Lip Enharcer 
-Redness Reducer 
-Color Contrast 
-Detail Enharcer
* The actions will work from Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 , CS6. CC they DO NOT work with Photoshop Elements.

Note: Those who did not purchase update should first check their Spam box and then send a mail with their payment receipt to
Keep shopping to have new actions! 
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Photo by Bill Jones.
Beauty Retouching Kit vs Portraiture Comparison
High Resolution;