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  • The Task
    Beauty Market ™ is a wholesale store providing professional products of beauty and care.
    We were assigned to create a brand identity system that could be adjusted in various fields of visual communication such as print, web and other media.

    The Concept
    Taking into account the professionals of beauty and care as a target group, we decided to create a symbol that can be memorable and include basic fields of cosmetology. The design was based in icons symbolizing three memorable forms of beauty as the basic form of the logo. The next step was to join them into one elegant symbol.

    The Solution
    The icon of the logo presents a flower as one of the most iconic symbols of beauty. The title of the business completes the logo and it is applied in a corporate identity and a full responsive e-commerse website where the clients can order their products online.
  • anima
    Client: Beauty Market ™
    Creative / Art Direction: Dimitris Chatzelas
    Designer: Dimitris Chatzelas
    Print ​Designer: Nikos Karapatakis
    Web Developer: John Christos
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