• Beautiful Poster
  • Thank you for your time!

    This is a poster designed for a client, but the event didn't fall through.  
    A falty project not on my end, but no bad news here! If it were not for the assignment,
    I would have not made such a great piece.  All that is needed is text to be put in the 
    right places.  

    This poster is up for grabs!
    Contact me and we can talk some friendly business.
  • Unlike My other work, this piece is not vectorized.
    I chose to work with pen and ink.  It's done on 15 pound cold press water color paper.
    The size is around 36x24 inches. 

    On a side note, nothing was sketched out. I tackled this piece with pen and ink and never looked back. 
    I just had to do some research for the right birds and plants.