Beastie Boys Hello Nasty

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  • Beastie Boys Hello Nasty
  • I was recently lucky enough to take part in The Jacky Winter Groups Risographica show. I always love these group shows as the brief is open and you can create something you've had in your sketch book for a while. For me I've been meaning to do a Beasties Boys illo/fan art. The show opens on the 9th August and all prints will be available from the Lamington Drive website also.

    Risographica 2 will see 37 of Jacky Winter’s most celebrated artists explore the medium of the Risograph via an A3 2-colour print. This time there are new colours, new faces and a new space; all coming together to celebrate the glory of the Risograph.

    All works will be sold in limited editions of 10 for $50.00 each, with a percentage of each sale being donated to Vision Australia.