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The Art of Design Event Series campaign for EFFEN Vodka
Summary:EFFEN Vodka came to us to help them with brand awareness. It had a greatfollowing in Chicago but little beyond the Midwest. We helpedthem first by developing a strategy that would differentiate them in the overcrowdedvodka category. It was trendy and clean vodka with sleek appeal. We wantedconsumers to associate it with up-and-coming mixologists, clothing designersand artists, on the verge of making it big. The Art of Design was born. Wecreated a series chic events where we invited select, known bartenders tocompete and launched it in 8 key markets across the U.S. Local celebrity judgesand attendees chose the winners. Cash prizes and publicity in industry pubs andsocial media were awarded.
· My Role:
- event strategy, branding and design
- event creative direction
- event materials development
- event website design and development
- artist and bartender outreach and participation tactics
- contest ideas and mechanics
- online and offline event marketing
- social media strategy and online program design