Be With The Revolution - كن مع الثورة

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  • Be With The Revolution - كن مع الثورة
  • Be with the revolution, i made this calligraphy art work in April 2008 when The activists in Egypt called for a general strike all over Egypt, it was just an artwork in my project Graphics Against System (G.A.S.) and by that time it was used online over some of the photographs taken for the riots happened that time & was generally spread online on all the social network as Facebook, Twitter..
    By December 2009 i made another version of it saying "كن مع الفن" used it in a street-art project with street artists from Alexandria
    By Jan 2011 and the mobilizing for 25th Jan revolution in Egypt the activists online re-used it spreading it online in them calls for the protests and was printed out into posters and banners to hold in Tahrir square, Then i did a co-work with the Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff which found a great feedback by people in the streets.
    By Feb 2011 i went in a visit to Beirut to be surprised with "كن مع الثورة" done as a graffiti in Hamra and all around Beirut by an anonymous street artist and in the same time i got told by friends in cairo that some guy got the design from the internet and printed out on t-shirts and is selling them in Tahrir square for a really cheap price -round 4$- and people loving it, buying and wearing it in the square, to come back to Cairo and be amazed with seeing the calligraphy done on several walls around Egypt from Cairo to Alexandria and Tanta as graffiti on walls by people i know none of them.
    By March 2011 the same calligraphy was used by activist in Beirut in protests against sectarian printing it on banners and wearing it as t-shirts, and in the same time in Syria was told from activists there that they are using it in them protests around the country.
  • "كن مع الثورة" done as stencil graffiti in Beirut by anonymous
  • the t-shirt done by anonymous and being sold till now in Tahrir square
  • Done as graffiti in Tanta, Egypt by anonymous
  • Done as graffiti by anonymous somewhere in egypt
  • featured in Al Ahram Egyptian governmental newspaper -after the revolution for sure-
  • Rised in anti-sectarian protest in Beirut, Lebanon.
  • On t-shirts in anti-sectarian protest in Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Done as rings & necklaces by the awesome Zinab Chahine
  • As a t-shirt in a protest in London 15th May 2011