Be Experimental

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  • Be experimental

    Use techniques and materials that you 
    have not once tried using. Venture into
    the unknown. 
    This is a poster I made for my project,
    I thought of this technique and decided
    to give it a try. I have been eyeing my 
    friend's spray cans for a while and I 
    decided to borrow them from him.

    I tore pieces of paper to create wavy,
    uncontrolled edges and decided to 
    lay and spray one layer at a time.

    When I started spraying, the effects came 
    out really well. I like the contrast of the 
    softness and harshness playing together.
    It also looked rather cloudy and I tried a
    few more patterns before deciding to
    try making type appear in the clouds.

    I first designed, then cut out the type from
    tracing paper and white tack it to the paper.
    When I finished spraying, I realized the 
    white tack left markings on the surface and
    I had to search for another solution.

    Masking tape worked out perfectly and I 
    really liked the effect of the spraying. An
    experiment that came up in the nick of time.