Bcork - Cortiça para a construção | soluções sustentáve

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  • BCORK- Cortiça para a construção | soluções sustentável
    Cortiça para a construção | soluções sustentáve
    Put on the same platform, information on the cork and the materials that the company produces, for the construction industry.
    All agents connected to the construction.
    Site available in seven languages.
    Backoffice allowing upload content and contact existing groups to create a newsletter.
    Providing all the statistical information of the site.
    Frontoffice available in an organized manner, subject to various types of search and filtering solutions that the company sells to the construction area.
    The concept developed allows the user to consult information in accordance with the criteria that are most convenient.
    Thus were created areas where you can learn more about the company Amorim, and the benefits of the use of cork in the building, as this area is institutional economies.
    For users who want information about the application of technical products Amorim, the site provides access to information should always be complemented by dynamic visualization in 3D.

    This component is used in various ways, we can see the product applied in layers so as to be perceptible to the users of this application correctly, and check into a 3D home solutions that Amorim available for various applications in the construction of a building, has also created an integrated simulator in 3D home user is asked to change the lining of the walls and ceilings of an environment, again using the solutions marketed by Amorim.
    It is still possible to see works of reference, where the products are referenced Amorim.
    Breifing Corticeira Amorim, the world's largest cork products, a company with operations in over 100 countries, who leads an industry paradigm shift in terms of sustainability, in that its activity is essential for the conservation of thousands of oak trees, the fundamental role fixation of CO2, in preserving biodiversity and combating desertification.

    You want to create a website / portal that allows products to integrate all the god of the construction area. The sustainability of cork is one of the strengths of the communication site.

    Group AMORIM Art Direction: MMStudio
    Design: MMStudio
    Webdesign: MMStudio
    Flash developer: MMStudio
    Backofiice: MMStudio
    3D: PushFWD
    Project management: SalStudio


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