Bazaar Seven
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A branding paroject for GD2
Rebranding The World Market
Who We Are
A company seeking to capture a taste from every corner of the world and bring it to the average shopper. 
With the authentic selections and diversity of products, there is something for every shopper in our stores.
Our Goals
To create a high-end, international home decor and fresh market with samples from across the globe
Tagline Development
The final tag line is both an ultimatum and a suggestion. It is commanding, but it does not suggest that the 
Customer does not do enough or is not up for the challenge. The tag line invites people into the store to shop around and explore a little more than they usually would.
Name Development
I decided on the final name because it has a very international feel. Not only is the subject of the name itself and international icon for trade and exotic goods, but it is also known for have a wide range of items and encompassing all the needs of the shoppers. I chose a number to accompany the name because I wanted to convey the entire world was encompassed, all of the continents, all of the wonders of the world, all the days of the week and all of the ways in which the store could help you.
Logo Devlopment
The logo needed to have the exotic feel of writing in a different language, but since I didn’t want to make it any specific language (as to not single out any one culture) I decided that an ambiguous exotic feel was necessary
 Further exploration revealed that the number seven and the B from bazaar fit together nicely and with some tweaks to convey a more organic feel to the character based in Indian culture and folklore, the logo was born.
Here is the link to my page, check it out if you get a chance.
Thank you very much!