"Batalla De Arte" in Gloria

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  • "Batalla De Arte" in Gloria

    On the 18th of February 2012 I was invited to participate to a live Mural Art Battle in partnership with Aner, in Gloria gallery, Madrid. All the works, 200x300cm wooden panels, were later exhibited and sold.
  • The video edited and shot by Gonzalo Hergueta & Ignacio Barrios (Azote Crew).
  • Marco "Malcolmo" Tavolaro (me)
  • Aner
  • Marco "Malcolmo" Tavolaro & Aner's art work.
  • Pillas Bros's art work.
  • Graffiti Connection's art work.
  • Playplayisnotdead's art work.
  • Detail of Malcolmo's hand with Aner's "tattoo".
  • GLORIA's team
  • The field of battle at the end.