• The Project Baskerville is a school assignment.
    I had to come up with an original idea to use, sell of promote the font, So I came up with a sortlike Letterbox. 
    The whole font family (from regular till bold italic) is in the box. And is cut in half. The person who uses the box now puts his focus on a specific letterpart instead of just choosing a font of letter. He looks at the beauty and esthetics of each single form and eventually creates his own version of the baskerville.

    The whole idea began with my problem of "cant choose between regular and italic". So why dont use both?!
    Everything is made black, because Baskerville presse its letters back in the days with ink blacker than black

    The Letters are lasercut triplex wood, in a 250gr paper black paper bag with a metal clip.
    The metal cilinder holds 5 pencils to draw your own typeface on the black paper.

    Al detailed are silkscreen prints.