Basilico Mozzarella Pomodori

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  • When it comes to Italy, we agree with Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote: “Every Italian word likes a truffle”. Indeed Pizza, Paste, Lasagne sound extremely desirable. And even the name of our client’s restaurant - «Basilico Mozzarella Pomodori» cause uncompromising wish to have a meal.
    Small, friendly home restaurant – bakery «Basilico Mozzarella Pomodori» was given the most elegant Italian image. Symbol reminding olive garden, warm background of tile color, saturated by the Mediterranean sun, logo of clear Italian style.
    In all modesty we’d like to note that our design agrees with the modern trends of European design and comes home to Russian audience. Those who are looking for the elegant Italian style dishes cooked according to the family recipes can find them just looking at the «Basilico Mozzarella Pomodori» sign.
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