Barnstorm Cinema Logo Animation

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  • A small production company specializing in aerial photography needed a simple and stylish logo animation to compliment their demo reels and advertising.  Both the budget and timeline were extremely tight but when the magic words were spoken- "artistic freedom" - I was sold.
    They provided me with the original logo image - a winged stick figure - and left the logo reveal up to me.  Almost immediately, I was adamant about integrating their unique profession into the reveal.  I've always loved the look of the rotor-wash that occurs underneath helicopters as they skim close to the ground.  Well, what if the rotor wash was the cause for the logo reveal? 
    That sounded crazy enough to try!
  • We first open on pure black.  The sound of an approaching helicopter is heard.  As it grows louder, the bottom of the frame becomes illuminated, revealing a grassy black-and-white terrain.
  • The illumination is from the helicopters spotlight.  It scans back and forth... looking for something.  Circular waves of air radiates through the grass.
  • Due to the windy airflow, a mysterious shape begins to appear with the grass...
  • The spotlight comes to a stop.
  • The logo continues to reveal more definition.
  • Radiant light then begins to bleed from behind the logo...
  • ...washing the background in pure white.  "Barnstorm Cinema" then slowly fades in to a stop.  After we hold for a few seconds, we then FADE TO BLACK.
    View the finished animation here: