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  • Barneys Icon Set for In Store and Online Use
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  • Barneys Co-op and Barneys Secondary Logos
  • Barneys New York is legendary, possessing a certain joie de vivre that has been carefully crafted over many years and communicated over multiple channels. This spirit, at once playful and subversive, represents a shared language between the store and the shopper that says we are all in on the same game. This spirit is one of the store's invaluable assets.

    We set out to define the state of luxury today and recast Barneys' identity through a contemporary lens while retaining the classic logo designed by Chermayeff & Geismar.. Using the most essential elements— logotype, refined typography, white frame, and a black box — we created an exacting design system to manage retail, advertising, interactive, and print applications so that everything from packaging and signage to windows and advertising communicated Barneys' discriminating eye. The trick was to make a subtle, stable background on top of which Barneys could perform its signature exuberance. We also developed new identities for Barneys Co-op, Fred's, the new Gene's @ co-op cafe and its 
    in-house labels to bring all subbrands into the larger family. The project also included a an interactive table top for Gene's @ co-op cafe that allowed people to order food and browse content simultaneously.