Banking paper style. Annual Report

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  • Banking paper style


    Every year, Bank Forum publishes annual report.The task was to develop creative idea and images that would reflect bankachievements for the year passed.

    Our solution

    The idea was to visualize the power ofcollaboration and the great results it can bring. We wanted to try somethingdifferent and present annual results in a unique but simple way. Being inspiredby minimalism and miniature art we came with an interesting solution.
    A scalpel
    30 sheets of paper
    2 tubes of glue
    1month of careful work and a lot of patience

    More than 20 miniature objects were crafted byhands from paper and glue only. The annual report contains 23 unique images,telling the story of a spiration and achievements of Bank Forum.

    Creative team:
    Olga Samsonenko, Vitaly Kozlov, EvgeniyKapusta.


    - ADC*UA (2011) - Gold (Illustration & Photography) (

    - XIV Annual competition for annual reports, which conducted the the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange and the RTS - III Place (

    - Popok 2011 (International advertising festival, Armenia)  - Gold (